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"The Carsi protected all, was the defender of the district. Ever since that first night of clashes in Gezi Park, the Carsi sided with vendors, residents, tourists." Emre Gucdemir lives in Istanbul and is a fan of Besiktas, one of the city's main football teams. The Carsi is the largest group of supporters of that team. The words of Emre run back in time.

It is the spring of 2013. Activists, journalists, young people and ordinary citizens poured into the streets surrounding Gezi Park in Istanbul. Protesting peacefully against the construction projects of the Erdogan government, which just above the park Gezi wanted to build a center commercial. But in a short time, after the brutal repression by the police, the protests spread like wildfire across the country. Police launches pepper spray, tear gas at eye level, and water hydrants adds stinging gas. And that becomes the occasion to express disagreement with the growing authoritarianism of the Premier Recep Erdogan, and corruption of the executive. After those first events, Amnesty International accuses the government in Ankara to "large-scale violation of human rights", while organizations such as Human Rights Watch, denounced the restrictions on press freedom, the right of association and assembly that the Erdogan government, in Turkey, was intensifying.

The protests in Gezi Park return topical today, in the days when you open the case against 35 fans of Besiktas. Yet another manifestation of the government's attempts to Erdogan planing dissent inside the country.

Yes, because in the spring of 2013, to demonstrate in Gezi Park were they, the fans of Besiktas, many of whom enrolled in one of the most popular clubs of supporters of the team, the Carsi Group, which brings in a marked A logo anarchist and has a slogan which reads: "Carsi is against everything." Beside them took to the streets even thousands of supporters of Fenerbahce and Galatasaray, the other two teams historic city. But only about 35 fans of Besiktas now hangs very serious accusation: taking part in the protests with the intention of overthrowing the government.

What is known, the protests of the supporters of Besiktas in the days of Gezi, is that they were present and showed off a series of colorful slogans. Some of them got hold of an excavator which pursued an armored police. Twenty-two of them were stopped. "The first day of June, a huge crowd poured in Taksim," says Emre Gucdemir, fan of Besiktas although not officially enrolled in Carsi, this revolts of Gezi Park. "On the evening of that day, the police closed the park. But people who had gathered there was only in Taksim Square. Many began to move in the area of Besiktas, 15 minutes from Taksim "(the names of football teams, in Istanbul, take their name from the districts of the city. The Besiktas, named after the district). Unfortunately a group tried to reach the offices of Erdogan, Dolmabahce. The police tried to prevent it and started the fighting, "says Emre.

A totally different allegations of the prosecutor that lead to the threat of a life sentence for 35 of them.
In the 38-page report of the Prosecutor Adem Meral it supports the argument that those 35 fans were not interested in the popular demonstrations of Gezi Park, but were exploiting the opportunity to groped forceful action against the government. According to Meral, 35 had also studied a catch plan of Prime Minister Erdogan. To that accusation, now risk a life sentence.

The prosecutor cites tweet, phone calls and trying to occupy the prime minister's office in Istanbul as evidence of attempted subversion. But HRW said: "The evidence presented by the prosecutor in the indictment does not contain any complaint of activity comparable to an attempt to overthrow the government or other offenses for which the defendants are on trial, including the act as a criminal gang and resisting the police. "It speaks of "abuse of the justice system."

The trial of the fans is just the latest in a series of attempts made by the premier to weaken the turkish Carsi. "During a public meeting, on the same days of the protests - still tells Emre - Erdogan asked the crowd to applaud a group that bore the logo of Carsi, stating that he was on his side. But the logo of those people was false. There was no A anarchist who instead will comparEmre The Carsi not allies ever for interest or for the benefit of someone. It's silly to think you can handle an anarchist group, "explains Gucdemir.
But after that the Ankara government did not give in. While the curve of Besiktas continues to lead in the field of banners comment to any political fact of interest, a system is introduced to restrict access to the stadiums. "To come now need to buy a card, Passolig, a kind of credit card. But it's really hard to get it and the result is that the stands are filled only to 20, 30% for each team, "says Emre.

The government of Erdogan, denounces Human Rights Whatch in this report in September 2014, has stepped up "the repression of press freedom, rights of association and assembly," from the very beginning of the protests of Gezi Park. Recalling also as Ankara in December 2013 attempted to suppress discussion and information on corruption charges broke out in that month, outlawing even Twitter and You Tube "Since the protests Gezi, says the report, the authorities have blamed thousands of people Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and other cities because they were participating in events not authorizated at least 5500 people have been subjected to processes, says HRW.

The case of the 35 fans of Besiktas is not isolated. In June it was opened a case against five people accused of leading a criminal organization is of the organizers of Taksim Solidarity, the group that supported the protests in Gezi Park.
Meanwhile, points out once again, Human Rights Watch, open processes against many protesters Gezi Park contrasts with the small number of police officers held responsible for excessive use of force in demonstrations of spring 2013.

"The protests of the supporters of Besiktas have cooled in recent times. People fell into disarray after the double victory of Erdogan (local elections and presidential, ed), "says Emre Gucdemir. "And we Besiktas now we must be cautious. We still await the end of the construction of our stadium and now 35 of us hostage. When we have a stage again, we return to shout choruses of all we know, as we have done so far. "It is in the tribune of Besiktas that Emre says even he learned freedom, equality and truth. "Certainly not in Turkish schools." That's why I took part in the protests of Gezi Park. "It is our mission to react to situations in which there is freedom in play."

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  1. "It is in the tribune of Besiktas that Emre says even he learned freedom, equality and truth. "Certainly not in Turkish schools." kısmı en doğru, vurucu ve olayı özetleyen kısım bence. Üzerine laf etmeye utandım.

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